Alan Drop

Face Yrkesfag with Comedy (Alan Drop)

This stand up comedy show deals with issues facing Yrkesfag students. Alan Drop, an international comedian living in Norway, talks about how to behave during an interview. He also digs into the Yrkesfag English textbook for comedy material. 

The hour long show (alt. 1) has the option of a short interval followed by 30 minute serious discussion on the topic of job interviews (alt. 2).  Alan offers multiple perspectives since he has experience on both sides of the interview process. There are 5 different versions of the show, for students of:

(a) Bygg- og anleggsteknikk, Elektrofag, Teknikk og industriell produksjon

(b) Helse- og oppvekstfag, Design og Håndverk

(c) Restaurant- og matfag, Service og samferdsel

(d) Naturbruk 

(e) Medier og kommunikasjon

Om utøvere og produsenter

  • Arrangert av: Trøndelag
  • Kunstnere/grupper: Alan Drop
  • Idé/opplegg: Alan Drop

Om kunstner / utøver / gruppe

Alan Drop is an international comedian who lives in Norway. He has toured with his comedy shows in Norway, the USA, Africa, South America and the UK. With over 15 years of teaching experience in 6 different countries, including Norway, Alan knows how to connect with students with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. He has also run his own businesses including a sports shop, a tennis school and a comedy club.